July-August 2012

First Steps Dance had the great privilege of running a dance workshop for the Hamstel &Temple extravaganza at Temple Sutton School.

The workshop was a great success, lots of toddlers showed interest in dance. After weeks of practice giggles and wiggles, all pupils performed their dance routine at the Hamstel Showcase where our fantastic dancers were presented with a certificate of dance achievement.

Here are some of the best bits and comments from the parents:

"Liked number of dances (nothing too complicated) use of props is a very good idea, helps children engage more. Particularly liked muddy puddles dance"

"Think the class is perfect"

"I like how easy going it is. My child enjoyed different things each week, but the pom poms were always a hit"

"liked the variety of different excercises"

"My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes. They've been great fun!"

"Pom poms and whistles were the favourite props"