New baby and toddler classes available soon. "Action and Rhyme"

Children get together for a fun interactive class. Combines songs and nursery rhymes, storytelling, instruments and props giving endless fun for babies and toddlers. A wonderful new class where the babies in the group are encouraged to enjoy the atmosphere and excitment whilst taking in the new sights, colours and sounds, this helps them get used to being around others as part of a group.
The older children in the class get used to and adapt to a lesson enviroment which will help them prepare for their future. As children get older they enjoy being part of a learning group taking instructions and input from a teacher, this is also good preperation for when they begin full time schooling.

Please get in contact to be involved in this fun new lesson. If you are interested in this exciting new class please give mobile contact details followed by your childs full name by clicking here.

Also commencing soon is our new "Toddler Street Dance", for those toddlers and children under five years who are always bopping to the beat of the music. Get your childs name down to join our bop till you drop lesson, combining funky beats and moves. The class starts with a warm up to get the heartbeat thumping, covers basic street dance moves and actions, watch your child enjoy sliding around learning an introduction to break dance, followed by a stretch for the cooling down period at the end of the lesson.
Please contact me with your childs full name and mobile contact details here if you are interested in this class.